Susan Elliott-Rink

 Managing Director, The Institute for Women's Leadership



With over two decades of Contextual Leadership, Gender Partnership, Women’s Leadership and Unconscious Bias experience, Susan works tirelessly to build inclusive cultures in organizations and communities.  The current national narrative calls for a bold stand for diverse and inclusive conversations, with curiosity and compassion being the keys to end the gridlock.

Her mastery has been earned through twenty-one years of training and delivering programs, speeches, coaching participants, and mentoring leaders worldwide. Susan had the privilege of becoming one of only fifty-two leaders certified to train worldwide and she personally led programs to nearly 30,000 participants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.  She has brought her humor, quick wit and deep personal experience and observations to over 250,000 people around the world.

Over the past two years, Susan has invested thousands of hours in the study of Gender Partnership, serving as the Managing Director of the Eastern US office for the Institute for Women’s Leadership and the Institute for Gender Partnership.  Her mastery of this topic paved the way for a licensing agreement with the Institutes and the launch of Allinium, Inc.  

From the start of her career, when Susan was named National Sales Manager for an Italian eyewear company seeking to break into the U.S. market, she has produced extraordinary results. Her approach to breaking into this tough market- male-dominated, highly competitive, and over-saturated- was to create a culture in the organization that would attract the best talent and establish a loyal customer base.  Her achievements resulted in her becoming one of the first women to achieve an executive-level position in the industry.

 Susan's other achievements include:

•    Designing coed workshops and programs to empower men and women to work together and create cultures in organizations of full Gender Partnership.

•    Leading executive coaching sessions for senior women and being instrumental in building contextual frameworks to support the growth and success of women in executive positions.

•    Being a featured speaker at the Intelligence Community’s Annual Women’s Summit, promoting the work of Gender Partnership to support the safety of our citizens, country, and world.

•    Philanthropic work coordinating a million-dollar renovation project for a nonprofit pet-rescue organization that had no funds to do it. With no experience in the nonprofit sector nor in construction management, Susan succeeded in having some 350 contractors donate their skills and over 140 material suppliers to provide needed materials free of charge. 

Speaking Topics

The Brain Science behind Gender Partnership

Equal doesn’t mean we’re the same.  There are 7 physiological differences between a male brain and a female brain.  These differences, when hidden from our awareness, lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications, resentments and unworkability in our organizations and in our lives.  Anyone who has men and/or women in their lives will find this insightful and entertaining.

The Context is Decisive

The context in which organizations and people function determines the actions and behaviors that ultimately produce the culture and results of that organization or individual.  Susan holds up the mirror that allows the audience to examine the context in the background that may be limiting or constraining what they see is possible.

Invisible Impressions

Susan examines how all human beings have impressions of themselves, others and life.  Those impressions are often invisible, yet dramatically shape our behavior.  Even the most self-aware among us navigate through life with these conclusions and impressions masquerading as facts.

Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century    

As a top sales performer in the 80’s & 90’s, Susan discusses how the landscape has shifted in this century.  Sales and marketing teams are required to become “gender lingual” in order to outperform their competitors.  85% of all buying decisions are made or largely influenced by women.  An organization’s culture is a critical piece of their branding to tap into the best male and female talent.

Client Feedback

"Working with Susan Elliott-Rink exceeded all of my expectations.  Initially engaged to assist the WBN Board with strengthening our structure to ensure the sustainability of the ERG, we emerged with a new mission and a commitment from senior leadership to focus on programs to ensure a culture of gender partnership.    More than the probing questions she asked, she listened intently, and helped our board shift our context. I’m looking forward to our continued, and expanded, relationship with Susan."

Linda Aronson
Managing Director
National Chair – JLL Women’s Business Network