Millennial Workforce First to see D&I as a Given

A new study from Deloitte (read it here) examining professional perceptions of "diversity," both as a term and a workplace practice, reveals that millennials demonstrate a more positive, natural, and uncompromising understanding of the meaning than previous generations. 

Rather than framing diversity in terms of equality, representative demographics, or biological attributes, as the professional precedent has historically outlined the term, millennials grasp the threads of diversity as instead being experiences, opinions, personal identity, and ideas. This is defined as cognitive diversity; millennials view the quantifiable attributes of previous diversity "quotas" as indicators of potentially variegated minds, as they can create and influence altogether different life experiences, but do not see such benchmarks as steps towards a diverse or fruitful team. 

Not only does this younger workforce generation think about diversity in a radically different way, but they simultaneously identify it as an indisputable element of innovation and success.