Michael Kaufman Champions Male Allies in Tech

In a recent survey of women working in Silicon Valley, 210 women were asked about their experiences with gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and unconscious sexism in the workplace.

Respondents were required to have at least 10 years of experience in their field; of these veteran professionals, 25% identified themselves as CXOs (CEO, CMO, CTO, etc.), 11% were venture capitalists, 11% identified as a founder/entrepreneur, and 11% worked in marketing.

"It is critical for men in tech to start taking real leadership, working alongside women, to create work environments that are gender equitable and welcoming to all. After all, men—who still dominate tech companies and have defined the work environments—have the power to bring about change."


Dr. Michael Kaufman weighed in on the jarring reality of the female professional experience that the survey illustrated, saying that the tech industry has a particular responsibility to confront outside perceptions of the industry that may be perpetuating such behavior.

Read Michael's full article, "Harassment in Tech: Why Men Need to Speak Out Now," published on MARCMen Advocating Real Change.