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For companies and conferences large and small, journalist and author Josh Levs shows how to engage men, increase diversity and inclusion, and do family-friendly practices right


“Josh Levs was fabulous! A riveting storyteller with a powerful message that will empower men and women… The event was packed (standing room only) and it opened up great conversations that continued long after the event was over.” - Katrina Alcorn, General Electric


“Josh Levs is a man that deeply values not only his family and personal life, but also the importance of innovation and business… We are ready to go All In, and we hope you are too!”
 - Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

Levs’ “groundbreaking” book “should be mandatory reading for every CEO, HR, benefits and similar” professional.” - Debra Isaacs Schafer, CEO, Education Navigation 


  • Increased Diversity & Inclusion is the #1 business challenge of 2016, Fast Company says
  • Businesses are suffering brain drain as employees leave for better work-life balance
  • Men are even more likely than women to switch jobs or careers for work-life integration
  • All In solutions increase profits, productivity, employee retention and loyalty 
  • In-demand, highly educated younger workers expect and demand work-life balance

When done right, family-friendly practices usher a business into the new economy -- and help the business compete for the best workers.  Josh Levs explains this and more in talks, workshops, and consulting based on his highly acclaimed book All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses -- And How We Can Fix It Together.

Before becoming an author and business consultant, Levs spent 20 years reporting for NPR and CNN.  On TV, he has been called “Truth Seeker in Chief” for his commitment to non-partisan fact checking.  For All In, this investigative journalist and father of three dug deep into issues facing the workplace and found solutions to business challenges that are proven to help employers and employees alike.

How can businesses best attract and retain highly skilled workers of all ages?  How can they help more women work their way up the ranks?  How can they support both female and male employees who seek work-life balance?  How can they engage men on issues of gender equality and diversity?  Why have Netflix, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs, Virgin, Bank of America and numerous other companies dramatically revamped leave policies? 

Many news headlines have gotten the answers wrong.  Levs provides the facts, answering these questions and many more. A lifelong champion of best practices, he has moderated numerous business events including the Global Purpose Summit for large corporations such as Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Newell Rubbermaid.

“Josh Levs blew us all away, and I have never seen anyone do a better job! EVER!!!!!"
-Robyn Spizman, Global Purpose Summit

News stories covered Levs’ battle for a fair parental leave policy at CNN.  A New York Times front-page story referred to him as a “pioneer”  In All In, Levs explains that CNN’s corporate parent Time Warner ultimately embraced his call, stating publicly that it was a win for the company as well.  Numerous other companies big and small have followed suit.

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow called All In “fantastic;” the Chicago Tribune called it “fascinating,” and Forbes asked in a headline, “Can This Man Get Corporate America To Rethink An Anti-Dad Culture?” The Washington Post’s Brigid Schulte called it a “must read,” and Michelle Singletary, also of the Washington Post, named it the Color of Money book of the month.  It was one of the top books of 2015, according to NewsOne.

Levs has been published by the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, The Atlantic, and many other outlets, and interviewed on dozens of programs including Sirius Business Radio, powered by The Wharton School.

He has spoken at Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Oxford and other universities, and has been featured at huge business conferences including the Massachusetts and Texas Conferences for Women, at which he co-presented with Liberty Mutual.  He delivered keynote addresses at the Cutting Edge Conference, the Forward Technology Conference, the Perceptions Conference, and more.



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