Having produced events for nearly two decades, the Creative Promotions Agency's network of venues,  vendors, and purchasing power is unparalleled.  Whenever we are working with a company on a particular campaign, our partner company Keith Brady Media is usually in the mix to film, produce & edit cutting edge media footage that can be utilized in a number of ways. Whether it’s a highlight reel for your conference or event, or a full blown marketing campaign requiring professional video content deployable for social media or television campaigns, we are able to help you.

 Whether it's content for social media, or commercial video content, Keith Brady Media is an award winning media company based in New York that has worked on dozens of campaigns. Take a look at some of KBM's work below:

Camp Old Navy featuring Colbie Caillat.  Video Production by KBM.

Vote Miami 2016.  This video generated over 2 million views, produced for Miami & Beaches.  Video production by KBM.  Voiceover by Brian Brady.

Watch how Matrix celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas shows Saucy Glossie blogger Lindsey Calla the steps to getting voluminous hair for spring using Google Glass! 

Video production by KBM.

Delight in the Delay - produced by KBM for Sheraton Hotels